Interior Design: The Sovrano Showroom Brings Luxury To Your Home This 2020

Armani, Bottega Veneta, and FENDI bring their special brand of elegant homeliness into your living spaces

Filipinos have a sense of individuality on how luxury is perceived in their eyes and these brands are another choice for them to consider,” shares Ferdie Ong, founder of Living Innovations, the company behind luxurious home brands such as Minotti, Dedon, Gaggenau, Bulthaup and Bang & Olufsen. “I feel that people have changed their consumption of luxury. Today we spend more and more time at home; entertaining at home, cooking at home. We have moved on from watches and cars as status symbols. It’s all about luxury you can live with.”

Ferdie Ong, founder of Living Innovations


This January, Ong just opened his latest showroom – Sovrano – a space where the homeliness of three iconic brands come together. Featuring Armani/Casa, Bottega Veneta and FENDI Casa, Sovrano carries a wide range of items from big furniture pieces to smaller accessories including tableware.

“Sovrano means ‘sovereign’ in Italian. We wanted to emphasise the fact that we have the best in designer furniture and home accessories out there. It’s meant to also symbolise the person who is at the peak of his life.”

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