Armani Casa: Bringing Elegant and Luxurious Italian Craftsmanship into Your Spaces

Expect nothing less from the maestro of timeless elegance, sophistication, and luxury-Giorgio Armani. The Armani empire is the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle that expands from clothes to shoes and perfume to interior design. One label that takes the spotlight today is the ARMANI CASA.

Elegance and sophisticated interior design style go hand in hand with convenience and comfort: this is a must for luxury furniture in the Armani Casa brand. Sophisticated silhouettes. The charm of historic pieces, with the benefit of today’s engineering. Its meticulously detailed designs represent an aesthetic principled on elegance, harmony, and superior Italian craftsmanship. Discover lasting interiors here in Sovrano, home of Armani Casa in the Philippines.

Armani Casa Encapsulates Designs Beyond Fashion

The interior luxury brand originated from the curiosity of exploring new realms of designing. It all began in 1982 when Giorgio was seeking a suitable lamp for his Milan office. He set about making one himself reminiscent of his tailored aesthetic of simplicity and elegance. The “Logo Lamp” came to be – a timeless table lamp, which is the hallmark of the entire lineup to this day.

Since 2000, Armani Casa has been a destination and active pioneer in the fashion and luxury worlds. With beautiful, long-lasting, and sustainably sourced materials, each contemporary piece you’ll find elevates and fits right in with your current home. With collaboration with industry-leading partners, including DADA on Kitchens, Roca on bathroom fixtures, Rubelli on textiles, Janneli & Volpi on wall coverings, what you get from Armani Casa is Italian design at its finest.

“I successfully and independently expanded into sectors beyond fashion to offer my all-embracing philosophy of lifestyle. I can say this is an enormous achievement.”- Giorgio Armani
Today, many celebrities, socialites, and hospitality brands turn to Armani Casa as it offers an elegant and cosmopolitan lifestyle, with a collection that ranges from contemporary to modern to classic. The brand anticipates new living trends, strongly characterized by a refined taste and an atmosphere born of a harmonious symbiosis between interior design and fashion. Each piece emulates a strand of history and evolving taste of people for art. Armani’s timeless and unforgettable works of art express a contemporary lifestyle that is classical yet avant-garde, creating a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

Enhancing Spaces with Sovrano’s Armani Casa Collections

Through Armani Casa, Giorgio’s unique vision of homes as intimate spaces yet sophisticated in beauty with an ambiance that exudes comfort and harmony becomes a reality. Each piece of interior portrays the beauty of Armani- perfection in every detail. Explore a perfect union between luxury fashion and interior through the Armani Casa Collections.

Limited Editions

Rare, individually numbered, and signed by Giorgio Armani himself, pieces of interior from the Limited-Edition Collection emanate functionality and beauty, featuring excellent craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and meticulous attention to each facet.

Justin Desk

Released as part of the 40th anniversary of the Armani brand with only 40 pieces available worldwide, this stylish desk is reminiscent of the Art Déco era. It features rounded top edges and tapered legs. This version features a top in Water Green Thin Leather and a Grey Tamo structure.

Club Bar Cabinet in Limited Edition

Carry the serenity of the oceans to your home with this cocktail cabinet inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa (1830-1831) by the Japanese artist K. Hokusai. Released in a series of only 50 numbered and signed pieces, the Club Bar Cabinet features hand-painted doors in Orient Lacquer and Pearl Gold Fabric handles and frames.


From sofas to armchairs and chaise-lounges to ottomans, Armani Casa Upholstery holds to its name of bespoke pieces showcasing the Italian flair. Each well-architected piece features playful proportions of vertical, horizontal, and curved layers customized for any taste using exquisite yet sustainable materials.

Olsen Sofa

The lifted seat and curved lines mark Olsen’s sofa. The space below the sofa characterizes a sense of lightness, while all hard structures are rounded. This sofa looks straight out of a mid-century dream!

Onda Chaise-Lounge

The Onda chaise-longue takes inspiration from folded paper sheets, creating a curved silhouette. Its pure, essential shape gives a one-of-a-kind and contemporary feel to the chaise lounge. Onda’s specific curves echo the lightness and fluidity of the sea waves


Art is integral to the interior design process. Every interior must bring personality and uniqueness to your space. With Armani Casa Chairs, all art, functionality, and personalized touch elements are in tune.


This particular variation of Ofelia dining chair is tailored with Odaware fabric in Red Lacquer legs. Odaware showcases the Oriental iconography, a constant inspiration of Armani. One unique feature that truly stands out is the legs’ orientation, since the two in the back face each other on the long side, while the two in the front face on the short one.

Peggy Chair with Armrests

Peggy Chair comes from the idea of an enveloping and light seat inspired by the multi-faceted figure of Peggy Guggenheim. The sinuous lines carved in the solid wood define an elegant, functional silhouette. The result is a chair with sculptural yet very feminine aesthetics, paying tribute to the famous collector’s love for the avant-garde.


Transform bedrooms by adding calm and tranquility into your space with meticulously designed beds by Armani Casa. A real centerpiece in your bedroom, every Armani bed displays sleekness, simplicity, and functionality with ideal shapes and finishes.


Morfeo gives the illusion of a floating bed, thanks to the thin, softly curved headboard and footboard. The structure is made of a single element, curved at the ends, clad in patterned technical fabric, and outlined with a rounded, solid wood frame.


Give your space a fresh look by redecorating with the Botticelli bed distinguished by its rounded headboard and roller cushion. Structure with rounded corners, backward base in black lacquer. The roller cushion can be upholstered, choosing between leather or fabric.

Desks and Tables

A diverse, rich collection of desks and tables makes your work environment or studio more productive with a key design element that combines functionality, elegance, and a refined aesthetic. Each furnishing will naturally complement any surrounding with perfect lines and beautiful finishes only Armani can offer.

Jolie Desk

Featuring minimal lines with hints of the Thirties, Jolie is a two-drawer desk with a wooden structure and leather top. It is equipped on each side with pockets conceived to store paper and magazines. A sleek desk that incorporates vintage elements into a contemporary vision.

Page Dining Table

Giorgio Armani’s aesthetic philosophy materializes with simple lines and perfect proportions in this dining table. Reduced shapes and clean lines- ___truly embodies what an essential piece is: an elegant look full of refinement and modernity.

Cabinets and Bookcases

Innovative furnishings that make any space look more enhanced and luxurious. Display and organize everyday items and household objects with Armani Casa’s vast array of cabinets, bookcases, and drawers.


The Castilla Chest brings you an elegant harmony between the mid-century and contemporary era using modern techniques and stunning materials

Musa Bookcase

Musa stands out for its light and essential design yet enriched by unexpected details. Each shelf is marked by two exclusive metal details with a particular shape so that the shelves look hooked to the wooden structure—pads in Dark Green Leather.


The Armani Casa Lighting brings bright and elegant illumination to rooms, warmly welcoming guests to your home with enhanced atmosphere and added ambiance.


Emme Floor Lamp reinterprets the classic tripod stand lamp in a modern style marked by a high level of craftsmanship- a supreme furnishing to any space


Gilda is a table lamp completely handmade following ancient Murano glassmaking technique. Each piece comes out unique, making it a beautiful statement piece for a European touch in your room.


High couture meets luxury interior through Armani Exclusive textiles used for Upholstery, wallcoverings, homeware, and rugs. Armani’s Midas touch for modern elegance, Rubelli’s age supremacy in textile manufacturing, and Janneli & Volpi’s expertise on wall coverings celebrate a deep bond between fashion and interior that turns walls and furnishings into true works of art.


This fabric takes inspiration from the picturesque scenery of Oregon. The blue skies, the calm rivers, the snowy mountains, the lush forests, and the sea waves make a perfect color play for Portland fabric, where all the hues meld into the other, recreating a sort of ikat effect.


This beautifully-textured wallpaper alludes to the tropical rainforest of Sumatra Island in Indonesia and the Guards of katana swords in Japan, making it an enchanting milieu for any room.


A range of aesthetic décor for the home or office bestows the Armani/Casa collection signature design philosophy, offering finesse, essentiality, and simplicity.


Vases in molded Murano glass, suitable for decorative use-distinctive pieces to furnish your room

PEACOAT Home baskets

The new PEACOAT range comprises two home baskets entirely made in Tecnocuoio®, a unique material made with 65% cuoio (thick leather of superior quality) mixed with latex, water, natural lipids, and minerals to make the surface more resistant to everyday use. This innovative and environment-friendly leather shows an even surface and solid colors: on the Peacoat range, the combination of two contrasting tones emphasizes the products’ geometric details.

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